International trade is on the rise and involves an increasing number of players including traders, brokers, banks, insurance companies and public bodies at both national and international level. In any transaction where goods are bought and sold, there is a transfer of ownership. This is made more complicated by the fact that the transaction is taking place in different countries. There shall be an independent and reliable third party to play as an medium between manufacturer and consumer. In this case, Service Providers play the role of a third party.

These can be provided at any stage of the production process along the supply chain.

- Verification of product compliance in terms of workmanship and quantity

- Reducing error rates

- Rationalization of commercial practices and optimize production flow




Al Mansoor general trading

In 1989, we started our journey as Al-Mansoor Company. We are a Trading Company; a Company which has a vast variety of merchandises with a taste for the best brands of the world. Our dear customers are from different markets with different backgrounds and after more than 25 years, we are proud to say that we have gained the trust of them.

What does Al-Mansoor do?

Our main focus is on Technological products, and we just don’t work with any manufacturer who comes around; we have a responsibility to our customers and we take it seriously. Companies that we work with are all pioneers of their respected fields and we try our best to be the best with ours.

What services do we provide?

  •  We provide the items according to the requirements of costumers
  •  During the manufacturing process: we evaluate the products to make sure that they are exactly what our customers have ordered. Sampling and testing, also can be performed.
  •  Pre-shipment examination: The examination is performed before shipment and includes quantity, packaging, marking, packing and labeling.
  •  Supervision of loading (includes container sealing, number of packing cases, marking, cleanliness, etc.
  •  Discharge supervision
  •  Stocks
  •  Network audit to verify conformity with company requirements in terms of visual, branding, reception, etc

A part of reference:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)-IP and Analog
  • Intercom and Paging systems (IoIP) with 16KHZ sound quality
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Access Control with BMS integration compatibility
  • Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Security
  • Fire Alarm
  • Security Management
  • Public Address/ Voice Evacuation
  • Congress and Conference
  • Professional Wireless Solutions