CCTV ( closed circuit television) is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring variety of environment and activities. CCTV system typically involve a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors. It is included three basic parts and every of them has to be chosen properly.  

These are, 

  • Image generators devices (IP/Analogue Camera, Lens, Accessories)
  • Transmission medias (Fiber, Network, Analogue)
  • Monitoring and Archiving devices(Server/Client Software, NVR, DVR) 

Al Mansoor provide professional CCTV solution with its high-end products line. We have professional staff, and they will design the most appropriate CCTV solutions in a most effective way according to your need. It can be integrated to the overall security system to deliver intelligent solutions. Intelligent detection systems not only provide environment security with digital recording and network video transmission technologies it also provides environment management and control. Also, IP-based solutions can be connect to other systems, for instance  PAGA/PAVA and Access controls. With IP-based CCTV systems, the camera content can be stored in network places and can  be used from anywhere in the world, with the highest video and voice quality.